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Being a teen is a little more complex than one might think. Some young people engage in risky behaviours that affect their health without even knowing it, or just because they don’t fully understand the harm.  If not addressed, these behaviours continue into the lifestyles of adults leading to chronic health problems.

We may be getting a little on the the old side but we get you guys! Experimentation and exploration with things such as drugs and alcoholsexual behaviour, and other risk taking is one of the biggest issues we are faced with through out our teenage years. We are also fully aware of that nasty thing called peer pressure, we’ve all been there, but taking risks such as these without knowing the consequences is what leads to physical and mental health.

And guess what! It’s not your fault. Many young people lack the awareness, the knowledge and the skills to protect themselves because they just simply don’t know where to go. That’s why we’ve put together this blog! Young people talking to young people – no judging, no awkwardness, and no confusing definitions, we promise!

Put those tech savvy skills to good use and start learning about your health – it’s a great excuse to be on social media!

Try out our healthy recipes, see what’s happening in the news or get onto our facebook for fun facts, tips and a bit of inspiration.

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